Los Angeles Fashion Photographer

Everyone in the fashion industry knows that when you’re in need of a top fashion photographer in Los Angeles, there is no one better than ARAMAN. His experience in the industry, passion for photography and impressive portfolio have put him in the spotlight and led to him being viewed as one of the best LA fashion photographers.

The fashion industry in Los Angeles continues to grow, and the right content is becoming increasingly important for brands. ARAMAN has worked on various fashion campaigns in LA throughout his career, and as a result, understands how the industry works in LA. You have most likely already admired his work, and if you have a look at his portfolio, you will rediscover the iconic images that have made him famous.

ARAMAN has such a distinct style that can be recognized instantly. His creative work has won numerous awards over the years and fashion brands from LA, New York, Chicago, as well as many other cities all over the world continue to trust him with their visuals. His clients have included Vogue, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Bvlgari, Tommy Hilfiger and Lacoste. Contact ARAMAN and start working with the best fashion photographer in LA today.